R.C. Essential Oil


R.C. was the oil that made me a believer in EO! I use to get bronchitis yearly, A friend told me about R.C. and to start applying to my chest twice a day! Guess What? I have not gotten that bug in over 2 years! Diffusing this helps open up your respiratory channels as well as applying topically. It also helps to enhance your workout by inhaling a few drops before you hit the gym. I made a believer out of one of my friends who was complaining of her girls coughing all night. A few drops in the diffuser and not a peep! Love this Oil!

Ingredients-Eucalyptus Globulus, myrtle, marjoram, pine, eucalyptus radiata, eucalyptus citriodora, lavender, cypress, cypress, black spruce, peppermint

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