Dry Shampoo

What woman does not like Dry Shampoo???? Was this seriously not the best creation ever???? I mean one, two, even three extra days without washing your hair??? Genious!  Even though the men would say it’s disgusting, but who cares??!! They don’t have to deal with the pain of washing hair!! Let us be free Men! Let us be dirty! For years I have bought every type of dry shampoo you can think of, and yes they work amazing, but should we be inhaling all of that gunk? Well…. Not if we don’t have too! This is tried and true! I use Cacao powder because if I used cocoa powder I would want to lick my hair, and well…that would make this whole thing pointless, But both work wonderfully! I have super dark roots so I used about 3 tablespoons. Try it! 

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