Progessence Plus Essential Oil Blend

 I want to share a little story about myself, once upon a time I had no libido, my monthly cycles were completely thrown off, I was also an evil hulk mom probably two weeks out of the month. Not to mention that I couldn’t leave my house three days of my cycle because I was now on the Paraguard. (copper iud) Long behold…. this little gem came into my life!!  Not even 30 days using it, my monthly issues were cut 50%!! Another 30 days and I was a different woman!! (Ask my husband) If you use the Paraguard you know how hard and painful in can be, this beautiful bottle has changed my life completely!! It’s all natural, In fact it’s made with super-micronized progesterone from wild yam!!! Crazy right!??? It also smells amazing! I dab it on my wrists and behind my ears every morning! 

4 thoughts on “Progessence Plus Essential Oil Blend

  1. Amen! I absolutely love this product! I’m new to the oil thing. I was just a tiny bit skeptical but after trying young living oils I have seen and felt a huge difference. And the progessence oil has made me a HUGE believer. I am barely over 30 but I have had a lot of hormone imbalances, really bad pms symptoms and bad cramping and heavy periods. After just a month of using this oil I have noticed a major difference especially with my mood swings. Love it! Can’t say enough about it!

  2. So this is safe to use with a copper iud? I haven’t been able to confirm this any help you can share would be great.

    1. Yes! In fact, that’s why I have and was having crazy symptoms with it, super heavy flow, and bad cramps, this completely supported my whole system. My flow days are light to medium and barely any cramps. But you need to be on for at least a few months. I put a roller on mine and roll on my wrists and behind ears every am. Good luck!

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