Tabata Workout

Tabata training is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, featuring exercises that last four minutes. … Tabata training was discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. Now most of my workouts are circuits or HIIT workouts but a Tabata is a little different! You need to make sure you are giving 100% for those 20 seconds!! The best part of this workout is The so-called “afterburn effect” is more officially known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or simply, EPOC. And it isn’t new in the world of fitness. Several studies suggest there’s a strong correlation between the number of calories burned post exercise and the activity’s intensity. The more intense the exercise, the more oxygen your body consumes afterward. What the heck does that mean??? You continue to burn calories for hours after you have already finished your workout! Say what??!!! Yes please!! 

Try this simple one first then you can switch up the exercises to harder ones. Box jumps, oblique twists, ect. Remember each circuit you do 4 times, rest for 1 minute in between each circuit. 

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