Helichrysum Essential Oil

This oil is the “skin oil!” Any type of skin problem this is the oil for it. I have also heard stories about how this oil should be in your first aid kit but have never tried it until today! My 4yr old was hysterical today as if something horrible had just happened, thank God it was not worse. Let’s just say he and his brother were “chipping ice” and the the “so called Ice chipper” (refraining from using the correct word because I might have CPS at my door) fell on top of his foot, left a nice little hole there that would not stop bleeding! I couldn’t even put on a bandaid until I remembered this baby! One dab on the wound and the bleeding instantly stopped!! Swear!! I was able to put a bandaid on and his hysterical screams stopped as well! This oil is definitely going into my first aid kit.(as well as a drop in my night time face serum)

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