Aroma Inhalers

So I’m a little obsessed with these Aroma Inhalers!! So easy!! They are great to keep in your purse, take it out, take a sniff and you’re good to go!! They are amazing for those people that like to use EO aromatically. I made the Allergy Trio for my hubby.

Put 6-8 drops of each oil on the stick, put back in the inhaler, screw on bottom and label.

You can find them here. Aroma Inhalers

The Man Oil!!

So….. I USE to love the smell of a good smelling man!! I mean the yummy smell of cologne and the muskiness of it!! Since I got into Essential Oils I stopped using perfume because it started giving me a headache because I was no longer use to the chemicals they put in them, in turn it did the same thing for my hubby. HE stopped wearing cologne. I did miss the “manly smell” though. I decided to splurge on my ER points and buy Shutran when it came back in stock- let me tell you something ladies!!! I have the silliest grin on my face when my man wears this! Ask him! I don’t know what it is but I love this smell on him! It does have a sweeter smell to it but is amazing! I couldn’t keep my hands off him, he even got compliments from women when we went out. I pop a roller top on it for him also. Fair Warning! He might not recognize your actions! 

Shutran has a blend of Spruce, ocotea, Ylang Ylang, hinoki, coriander, lavender, cedarwood, lemon, and northern lights spruce! It was formulated for men to boost feelings of confidence and masculinity. 

Crampy, Crampy, Go Away!

So ever since using Progessence Plus my monthly friend is way less intense but I still get a day of some minor cramping, since Dragon Time EO has been out of stock, I have stocked up on the massage oil! I absolutely love it!! I squirt a few drops in the bath with Epsom salt or rub on my lower abdomen when feeling crampy. After 10 min no more discomfort!!! Oils for the win! 

Pulsating Face Mask

Sometimes I just feel like my face is dry and dull looking. I really wanted to make a natural mask that worked!! Lets start with the ingredients. I wanted something to help my skin detox all the yuckys so I first picked Bentonite Clay. There are so many health benefits to this clay. It absorbs toxins, draws out impurities, and kills bacteria, so don’t be surprised if some hidden gems come to the surface! It also has anti-aging benefits, because it helps exfoliate the skin, it helps with cell turnover. It helps oxygenate the cells, as it pulls excess hydrogen and allows cells to replace it with oxygen instead! Sweet right? Next is ACV! AKA-Apple Cider Vinegar, though I do try and take a capful everyday with water internally, I always forget to use it for my skin! It helps with inflammation and redness and a ton of other amazing benefits. Raw Honey speeds the healing process and helps keep skin supple and glowing! Then of course the EO! I chose Tea Tree because its also great for skin and acne, and Lavender because of its soothing properties!

Get a jar or a small dish and add the clay, then mix in the ACV. Adding more or less, you want it to be a paste. It will bubble a bit at first, then add the honey and mix well, then two drops each of EO.

Apply to a freshly washed face and leave on for 10-15 min! Feel the pulse! Wash off with warm water, your face may redden a bit due to the blood being drawn to the surface which is a normal part of the detoxifying process. This is a enough for two masks. So invite a friend or your hubby to join!

Pulsating Face Mask

  • 4 tablespoons of Bentonite Clay
  • 2 Tablespoons of raw Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon of raw honey
  • 2 drops each of Lavender EO and Tea Tree EO