Foaming and Moisturizing Face Wash

I finally bought a Foaming Soap Dispenser to make my own face wash.  If you don’t have these other oils you can make up your own recipe with the ones in the kit. Do not use lemon if you are using a plastic container.Oils from the kit would be Lavender, Frankincense, and Purification. I chose these ones for all different reasons. Lavender is very soothing for your skin, Geranium is great for aging skin, Patchouli can help tighten skin, and Joy has a blend of oils the help support great looking skin. I used a teaspoon of Almond Oil to help Moisturize while cleansing.

Foaming Fash Wash

          • Fill 1/4 bottle with Pure-Castile Soap
          • Fill the rest up slowly with distilled water
          • Add a teaspoon of Almond Oil
          • Add In 8-10 drops of each oil of choice

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