Immunity Boosting Capsules

Week 2 of school, drop offs, pick ups, sports, swim, gym, back to school nights- I’m run down and might have picked up some yucky germs along the way!! After one day of these homemade babies I’m already feeling better! Oils for the win!! These oils are a for sure in my home around germ season! I take one is the am and one in the pm.








Immunity Boosting Capsules

  • Empty Capsules
  • 3 drops  Oregano
  • 3 drop of Thieves
  • 3 drops of Lemon
  • Fill rest up with Carrier Oil of choice-ex. Fractionated Coconut Oil or Olive Oil

Let’s Talk Essential Rewards!!


Do you love your Young Living Oils and Young Living Products? If so, This is for you!! I have been enrolled in Essential Rewards for over 2 yrs and have never once regretted it!! I use my Essential Reward Points for all the amazing oils and products I wouldn’t normally purchase myself. Whether that be some skin care, detergent, or prizes for my raffles, Or even a quick order that I place if I forgot something in my ER Order. Whatever it is, it is AHHHMAZING!!

The minimum order is 50pv. (pv is point value, usually $1-1pv) The exciting thing is starting this month, Young Living is taking it up a few notches!! If you enroll into Essential Rewards this month you will get a free bottle of Thieves Laundry Soap! They have also changed the percentage back in rewards! Now from month 1-3 you will earn 10% back in points, (they go into a ER bank and you can redeem them for free stuff) months 4-24 you get 20% back, and months 25+ you get 25%!!! Don’t worry if you’re already enrolled, you will be grandfathered in! Plus you will now get gifts at Month 3, 6, 9, and a special gift at 12!

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Don’t Stress!  You can cancel at any time by contacting Customer Service, change your order monthly, and you can change your date throughout the month! If you know you use at least $50 worth of oils or product very month, this is a no-brainer!





Every Month Young Living has new Promos!! More Free Stuff!! The promos start at 190, 250, and 300pv. Here are September’s Promos!


OrthoSport Massage Oil–How many of you work out? How many of you have kids or family members that play sports? Then this needs to be in your gym bags to apply right after you play a game or work out!

5 ml Northern Lights Black Spruce? Yes, please! The smell of this is so refreshing yet calming and grounding at the same time! These black spruce trees get exposed to the energy of the Northern Lights and soak it in. And then we get to put it on topically or diffuse that magic!

15 ml Wintergreen can also be useful for muscle soreness, bone support and nerve issues. It’s really helpful for inflammation too.

5 ml Panaway–AH-mazing! Did you know that just this little 5 ml bottle retails for $46? This stuff is legit for muscle soreness from every day life, back and neck issues and even for headaches! It’s a must-have oil.

300 PV Reward Offer Details (Retail Value $183.22) 1 free Ortho Sport® Massage Oil, 5-ml Northern Lights Black Spruce, 15-ml Wintergreen, and 5-ml PanAway® per qualifying standard order + a Bonus ER 15 ml Oregano.

250 PV Reward Offer Details (Retail Value $137.50)
1 free 5-ml Northern Lights Black Spruce, 15-ml Wintergreen, and 5-ml PanAway® per qualifying standard order + a Bonus ER 15 ml Oregano.

190 PV Reward Offer Details (Retail Value $106.25)
1 free 15-ml Wintergreen, and 5-ml PanAway® per qualifying standard order + a Bonus ER 15 ml Oregano. (ER 190 PV Bonus: 15 ml Oregano–who doesn’t need another bottle of this, especially with the cold and flu season coming up???)

• Limit of 1 free 15-ml Wintergreen, 5-ml PanAway®, and 15-ml Oregano per qualifying Essential Rewards order.