Rock Hard Abs!

It may be fall and I may break out my sweaters and boots soon, even though I’m not in my bikini I still like to train my abdomen muscles daily!  Do this every day with clean eating for 2 weeks, and feel those rock hard abs come through! 

Home Diffuser Modes

Did you know your Home Diffuser has three modes?

  • Mode 1: press the button- green light will be continuous diffusing until water is out.
  • Mode 2: press & hold button down for 2 seconds for diffusing w/o the LED light.
  • Mode 3: press the button twice to show red light to diffuse at 30 second intervals.

October Promos

Young living has added a new tier to their ER program! Now people will earn freebies starting at 100pv! Check out October’s Promos! I want those Dryer Balls!

Even more, this month Young Living is giving away a free bottle of Oregano Oil with every new Premium Starter Kit this month!! I cannot live without this oils in germ season! It’s in my Immunity Capsules and kills anything that tries to take you down!