”Tis the Season! 

Holy moly!!! We have some amazing promos for November!! Remember if you are already spending at least $50 a month and products or oils you need to be on essential rewards!! It’s a no-brainer! What company lets you do an wellness package that you can change monthly, change the date, Plus you earn up to 25% back on your total order to go into a fun little reward bank that you get to spend on any products you want!! Plus you get free stuff!!!! If you’re not signed up, DO IT NOW!

Did I mention this month Young Living is giving away Christmas Spirit Blend with all Premium Starter Kits?? Uh. Heck. Yes. 

I have about 10 of these bottles laying around my house! No more scentsy! no more Yankee Doodle Dandee candles!! Only yummy Christmas Tree, cinnamon roll, candy lane smelling goodness that will also boost your immunity!

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