Peace and Calming is back! 

Starting December 21 at 9 a.m., MT, Peace & Calming will be available through December 30 or while supplies last. Due to the limited quantity, members may only purchase one 5-ml bottle of this widely popular oil per account during the 10-day offer.

Please note that Peace & Calming contains some rare or delicate oils that can present a challenge to maintaining inventory, and the new pricing accounts for these challenges and ensures availability for more of our members. The wholesale price is $34.75, and the retail price is $45.72 with 34.75 PV.
You CAN add this to your ER order if it hasn’t already shipped.
You CANNOT use ER points to get it for free.
You can only get 1 per account and there are limited supplies (although YL has reassured us that they wouldn’t have released this unless they had enough…but I don’t think they have an inkling of an idea about how much we all LOVE this oil!)

Ok, who else is running around your house screaming your head off cuz you’re so excited Peace & Calming is back? 😃

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