New Moon January 27th, 2017

Since getting into all of this “Moon” stuff, I have really noticed a difference in my energy, intentions, and just my over all daily routines.

It really helps remind me to be intentional with the words I say as well and manifesting what I want in my life. 

I have recently started a new way of manifesting, it’s called “anchoring your intention” not only are you setting your intention but you are “anchoring” it to something. Example- If every morning I was waking up saying, “I am living in my Dream Home that I Own!” Now, every time I see a flying bird I say, “Thank you Bird For Giving me My Dream Home that I own!” This way now every time you see a flying bird it will remind you to set your intention and show gratitude for it. May sounds a little silly or wacky, but try it!!! If you want your business to grow, set your intention for that! It works with anything you heart desires! Love, success, health, etc.

Setting your Intentions and Manifestations on the New Moon is more powerful that any other time of the month! So take some time for yourself and write down your goals, inspirations, and dreams and find a quiet spot and say them out loud! Use your Crystals if you have them!  Here’s a fun article about This New Moon Tonight. *Aquarius New Moon

Use, love, share, repeat…..

Lower Body Circuit

Sometimes it’s just way too cold to work out in your garage and you got to bring your equipment in doors! Even if that means jumping up on your coffee table as a box jump!  

Make sure with your box jumps you’re extending your hips at the top, you can also take it to step ups. 10 each side. If you do not have a barbell for the deadlifts, you can grab a heavy free weight and do plié squats. 

Free Peace and Calming Oil with your Starter Kit!







If you haven’t jumped on the oil band wagon yet,  now is the time!!

New members purchasing a Premium Starter Kit with the Dewdrop Diffuser will receive a FREE bottle of Peace & Calming!!!  If you don’t know about this oil, it’s one you don’t want to pass up! It’s been out of stock for almost a year due to a shortage of certain oils and it’s one of our most sought after oils.

I put a few drops in the diffuser before bed and everyone is in a sleepy/dreamy state withing 10-15min! This oil is a must, I cannot believe they are giving it away for free!! Retails fro $45.00!!!

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Promise to make you sore leg Workout!


I love Calling this work out “make you cry work out,” not that it will make you cry during the work out, but that you want to cry from how sore you are after! Make sure you challenge yourself with the weights! My plié squats I only had 20 pound dumbbell, when I normally would use 35’s. My barbell is 45 pounds. You are doing higher amount of reps so you don’t want to go too heavy but you want to be able to challenge yourself as well. Make sure you do three rounds of each superset, I did not show that in the video because I did this work out the day before and I was so sore I couldn’t do more than one round. 😜 

If you do not have anything to elevate on the plié squats make sure you at least touch the floor with the dumbbell while keeping your shoulders back and back straight. Also make sure you’re getting those knees on your lunges as close to the floor as possible. Enjoy! 

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

I get the ingredients then I cut and wash them, split the recipe and put half in a gallon bag in the fridge for my next batch. 

  • Organic Romaine
  • Organic Lacinto Kale
  • Organic Italian or regular Parsley
  • Organic Package or bunch of celery
  • 1 large Organic cucumber 
  • 1 large Organic green apple
  • 1 large Organic lemon for the juice 
  • 1 bunch of ginger 

Put half the ingredients into your Vitamix or blender, fill up with purified water then add to air tight containers! Drink within 24-48 hrs. Keep in mind this is thick so you can water down to your liking!

New Year! New Beginnings!



Happy New Year!! If you have not started your oily Journey yet and you want to start one with me as your Oil Lady,  I am offering $25 towards your Starter Kit This month in honor of New Beginnings!

Now is the time to start your year off Healthy and HAPPY!

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January’s Amazing Promos!

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All I can say is wow!! Not only do you get the exclusive Peace and Calming for free but Helichrysum!! That oil has saved me with my two crazy boys!! From ripped off pinkies to ripped out baby teeth! One dab of this oil stops the bleeding immediately! This is a must in your First Aid Kit! Not to mention its amazing for skin and any type of scarring.

I love Joy on my heart when Im feeling moapy or a liitke blue, Lifts me right up! It also smells amazing in the Diffuser with Orange, If you are a floral type of person, you will love Joy!!

Dont Forget we have a new Tier of 100pv to earn a free oil as well. This month its Citrus Fresh!