New Moon January 27th, 2017

Since getting into all of this “Moon” stuff, I have really noticed a difference in my energy, intentions, and just my over all daily routines.

It really helps remind me to be intentional with the words I say as well and manifesting what I want in my life. 

I have recently started a new way of manifesting, it’s called “anchoring your intention” not only are you setting your intention but you are “anchoring” it to something. Example- If every morning I was waking up saying, “I am living in my Dream Home that I Own!” Now, every time I see a flying bird I say, “Thank you Bird For Giving me My Dream Home that I own!” This way now every time you see a flying bird it will remind you to set your intention and show gratitude for it. May sounds a little silly or wacky, but try it!!! If you want your business to grow, set your intention for that! It works with anything you heart desires! Love, success, health, etc.

Setting your Intentions and Manifestations on the New Moon is more powerful that any other time of the month! So take some time for yourself and write down your goals, inspirations, and dreams and find a quiet spot and say them out loud! Use your Crystals if you have them!  Here’s a fun article about This New Moon Tonight. *Aquarius New Moon

Use, love, share, repeat…..

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