Peace and Calming is Back!!!

Surprise!! Peace & Calming is back in stock!! 😆 

If you weren’t able to get a bottle during the short time it was available in December or during last month’s promos, now’s your chance to snag one up! 
I use this baby to calm my entire house at night or use it on my diffuser bracelet when PMS kicks in!! 😡😡

Not to mention it smells like Heaven!!! 😇

It’s limited to one bottle per month and you can’t use ER points to purchase it, but we all know that this is a must have oil. Let your teams and customers know that it’s back! What a great start to February. 🌿✌🏼❤
Price: $34.75 Retail: $45

PV: 34.75

Item #: 3398

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