Non toxic Cosmetics

Ok… so I’m not a professional makeup artist by any means, but I can be picky about certain things… 

On my journey to a more non toxic household came with opening up my bathroom cabinet to discover how many chemicals I was putting on my face every morning. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I do have my routine…concealer, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, brow pencil, Mascara, and gloss!

Beauty Counter

After doing my research I found an amazing company that’s motto is to get safer products into the hands of everyone! Hey it sounded like mine, “getting oils into every home I knew!” So we were off to a great start! Did you know that more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today, most of which don’t have safety data, which is mostly true in the skin care and beauty industry. 

Over The last two decades, the European union has banned more than 1300 chemicals in the product formulas of personal care products and restricted the levels of over 250 more in such products. The United States has only partially banned 11 to date. What???? I feel we deserve better! They also have not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938. Which will be my next post about feminine products, stay tuned!!

I decided to take the plunge into this company and just get the basics for now and ditch the crap in my cabinet. They also have a rewards program that helps you earn free product! And no monthly commitment! My consultant is amazing! She even has a Facebook group that will answer any questions and help support you along the way.

I love the way it feels on my face! I was a little concerned that it would come off after a few hours, but stays amazing all day long! 

If you would like to order and check out her website you can here.

 Beauty Counter

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