Think Dirty App and educate yourselves

I’m not a judgmental person and I’m not perfect. I truly know every mom is trying their best! On my own journey of trying my best to live a more natural, toxic free lifestyle I’ve come across some things that not only make me upset but confuse the crap out of me! 
I call this post “I love my friends and want them to be as healthy as possible!”  
That’s why I do what I do and educate people on living a chemical-free lifestyle.
This Susan G. Koman “brand” perfume is called Promise Me. Oh, but what a broken promise it is! Not only is it a 10 out of 10 on the toxic scale, but it earned that for an ingredient, Toulene, that is a KNOWN CARCINOGENIC for BREAST CANCER!  
Why do they do that?!?! 😡😤😫 So many products on the market shelves today (read majority) have chemical hormone disruptors and then we wonder why our hormones are out of whack. And our hormones, well, they affect almost everything.  
Did you know the top 4 sunscreen ingredients cause cancer? Yeah, that feeling you’re having right now – it’s called betrayal. And Tamiflu…it causes flu-like symptoms and worse. These are just some of the things that pushed me out of the conventional mindset bandwagon.
Everyone should have this Think Dirty App.

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