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Thank you to my friend for writing some of this!

PSA: No one knows what causes cancer. That’s no secret. The medical profession suspects it’s a combination of ‘environmental factors’ and ‘something else’. A friend of mine is a parent of a child with cancer and the oncologist asked her about what ‘environmental factors’ her child had been exposed to. Starting at home. What she used while pregnant and up til now. Kind of eye opening to hear.

Maybe there’s a link, and maybe there’s not. I am not a scientist and I don’t know for sure what the causes are. I’m sure there are a number of factors. The scientists don’t even know! But they know enough to ASK. They wonder. I can tell you that after you hearing those questions from my friend, I started thinking of what is in my control, within my house.

Before I had kids, I didn’t REALLY care or worry what kind of chemicals were in our food, what lurked in our kitchen, our bathroom, our laundry room or our cleaning products. I heard friends talk about it. And I just thought — I don’t have time for all of this. It’s too overwhelming. So I ignored the warnings and stories and rolled my eyes 🙄, just like a lot of you do. (I know you do. I used to do the same thing. It’s ok to admit!!)

Then I had kids and became hyper-vigilant about organic food, clean water, non-GMO foods, non-toxic household cleaners, etc….especially when our kids were babies. We’ve become more relaxed about certain things but hearing my friend’s experience at the oncologist reminded me to be more vigilant…maybe not hyper-vigilant, but enough to look at labels again. (Be sure to read my post from a few days ago about Naked Juice having formaldehyde and GMOs in it)

I wish I had known this stat years ago: “The average person applies 300 chemicals to their body on a daily basis and 80 of those are applied before breakfast”. Shocking yeah?
Then couple it with this one: “Personal Care products are a $71 billion/year industry that is currently regulated by approximately two pages of federal law that has only been updated

once in the past 76 years”. 😳
I was at Target a few days ago, and took a stroll through their personal care aisles. I stopped and scanned some of our previously purchased things–what we used to be ok with. We no longer use any of these products in our house.
I had no idea that Johnson and Johnson’s baby shampoo contained formaldehyde (which is a known carcinogen. And yeah – carcinogen = cancer) I mean, they gave this shampoo to me in the hosptial after ALL my babies were born.

I actually just saw a commercial about this product last night and it really made me sick to my stomach . I chose not to even give my babies a bath at the hospital because I learned the stuff they come out with is to beneficial for their health! I actually didn’t even sponge bath Aleena for a week after she was born.
Basically I DID know that this product they recommend at the hospital was tear-free due to a chemical they put it. Furthermore, this company KNEW for years that they were putting formaldehyde in baby products. And after it was brought to light, they reformulated for EUROPE. To fit into EUROPE’S standards. But not for American babies. Do not get me started on the ethics of a company that does that.

I also had no clue that hand sanitizer was not nearly as safe as all of the doctor’s offices that have it out on the counter at check-in lead you to believe. There are schools all over the country that no longer have kids wash hands before they eat lunch. Instead? They get a hand squirt instead. And then eat food. With their fingers that are now covered in chemicals. And the FDA (which hasn’t reviewed hand sanitizer in 25 years — like seriously. WHAT?!?) is starting to wonder if it’s really safe to use that much hand sanitizer.


The same goes for antibacterial soap – except in this case, the FDA has actually already found many ingredients to be unsafe and has tightened regulations on those who produce it.
Do not be fooled by brands that claim ‘Organic’, ‘Free and clear’, ‘Gentle’, or even ‘All Natural’. I used to buy some of the ‘naturally leaning’ and ‘organic’ brands. I thought I was doing pretty well! Until I started scanning the products in my bathroom. And was FLOORED. (Go google “greenwashing”)
Those ‘safe’ brands I thought I was getting? The ones we had used for years? The ones I used as a kid? NOPE. Not so safe. They are full of known carcinogens and known hormone disrupters. Is my family’s health not worth a little bit of extra money on soap? On toothpaste? Is my peace of mind really not worth my time spent ensuring our bathroom isn’t a zone of toxins?

A lot of people hear us “fancy hippies” talk about chemicals, preservatives, healthy eating, toxins, free radicals, food dyes, natural living, being green, etc. and they flip the channel/keep on scrolling. I challenge you friends – don’t ignore it. Be informed. Take control of your health and wellness as much as possible.
Download an app like “Think Dirty” or “EWG” and get scanning. Your kids deserves better. YOU deserve better. Your peace of mind deserves better.

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