Push It Circuit

You can use a bar or dumbbells with the circuit! Make sure you’re getting low in your squats with the thrusters, and push yourself on the weight since it is only 10 reps per round each exercise. Enjoy! 

April Promos are here! 

Spring has sprung! I’m loving all these promos! 

This month’s promo items will not only help you clean out your house with no toxins or chemicals with Thieves Household Cleaner (and an awesome Young Living branded glass spray bottle) but also helping us women keep our cool when that monthly visitor arrives with Dragon Time. Tea Tree is a great oil to help support your immune system and respiratory system so it’s perfect for spring time. And Tangerine Vitality–add a drop to your water, Ningxia Red or sparkling water for a really refreshing beverage to help you stay hydrated.
100 PV ER Bonus: 5 ml Tangerine Vitality

190 PV: OOLA Grow + Tea Tree

250 PV: Thieves Household Cleaner plus exclusive Young Living branded glass spray bottle

300 PV: 15 ml Dragon Time
That’s over $200 worth of free product (not including the exclusive Young Living branded glass spray bottle only available with this month’s promo) for FREE when you purchase 300 PV!