First Born…

First Borns.

You expect that to they should just “know.” They should already know how to teach, lead, and be that example for their younger siblings? Right?

Only THEY still need to know, they still need to be taught, they still need that example. Along with the cuddles, kisses, hugs, and love that they seemed to miss because we made them grow up so fast because their siblings were born and there was no time to continue to baby them.

I wish I could say that I WAS that mom that breast fed my toddler and baby at the same time, and carried him around until he was three like I do my daughter. Truth is..I didn’t…I didn’t know better, I pushed a feeding schedule, vax schedule, sleep and nap schedule, and made him sleep in his crib at 4 weeks old. I didn’t “know.” I was just trying to stay alive and be emotionally OK.

I didn’t know what I know now, I didn’t educate myself, and I sure wasn’t in the world that I have been in now for the last 5-6 years. I can’t regret the choices I made in the past, I can only choose to make better choices today. And today only. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. So go cuddle your first born and tell them THEY made you a mom and THEY were your first love. I know I’m going to today.

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