This is Me..

Well Happy Sunday all! I have a lot of new beautiful people here so I thought I would introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me.

First off, for all you Fellow personality, astrology, metaphysical peeps. I am an Aquarius, Pisces Rising, and Taurus Moon. Life path number 22. In Meyers Briggs INFJ and 7 In Enneagram. Red/ green color personality, Introvert, and type A (still working on this one.) I’m a lover of fitness, crystals, oils, and the moon!

For everyone else that isn’t familiar with all that above. I’m super passionate About things that truly matter. rWhen I want something I go after it. I am loyal to the people in my life and surround myself with others than lift my vibration and bring love and light into my world.

I May seem extroverted to those around me because when I speak on topics that move me, I can’t hold my tongue, and I MUST be heard, but put me in a room with a large group of people I may not know, you will find me in a corner wanting to go home and be alone.

I Am a Mother of three amazing souls that I am so grateful for, but MOTHER is not my title. I am a Wife of a loving, patient, selfless man that teaches me everyday, but WIFE is not my title.

I am a WOMAN who wants to make a difference in this world by sharing knowledge, compassion, and love. I am a WOMAN who will raise my children to be the best humans they can be and share their gifts with the world, I am a WOMAN who wants to teach others that what they bring in their home and put in their bodies will effect their health and their families health. I am a WOMAN who wants to scream from the mountain tops that YOUR THOUGHTS BECOME YOUR REALITY!! So check yourself!!!

But I am also not perfect, I yell at my kids (boys) more often than I would like, forget birthdays and special dates, wake up feeling blah, neglect my husband at times, leave my kids in the car while I run in the post office, give them animal crackers for lunch, and tell them I’m sorry a lot of times. But when we realize that none of that above even matters and that the power is truly within us, nothing can stop us! It’s so very nice to meet you all!

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