Warning! Graphic images!

Here it is! Proof that these bad boys are out as well as every single piece! It’s so important to choose the correct doctor that will insure they remove every party of your capsule (scar tissue) especially when it’s thin like mine were. Some docs would attempt to but not have the experience to relive every Piece. Isn’t is amazing that are bodies start to protect itself from something foreign and build this wall around it, or capsule, scar tissue, whatever you want to call it. When you don’t remove every piece you are taking that chance of still having symptoms. The plastics, toxins, heavy metals from the shell of the implant is imbedded into every cell of that scar tissue so when you don’t remove it all you chance your health. It’s interesting that he mentioned my left was more red and inflamed from my right which is crazy because I always had more pain and problems with my left.

Day of surgery on the left, day after on the right

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