My Girl!

How did I get so lucky with this cutie? She is my mini, my sidekick, literally attached to my hip everyday. If things were as they were this time last year she would be in school right now from 8:45-3:10 everyday!!! I would finally have my alone time for the first time in 5 years with all three kids gone all day in ONE school together.
Ironically a memory popped up on my Facebook this time last year with a picture of my family and my intention for 2020 which was to spend more quality time with them. I even listed off things that were preventing me from doing that, like schedules, school, sports, running a business. Be careful what you wish for! Two months later all kids were sent home, no more sports, businesses closed. What a true blessing in disguise!You may not get what you want in the way WANT it but you sure get it in the way you NEED it.