I used to think in order to feel and look feminine I needed large breasts. Or perhaps to gain more confidence as a young 22 year old pretty much starting life all over again. What I didn’t realize is that your divine feminine comes from within. Your “sexy” your “inner Goddess” your “Shakti” ALL come from within!!! Once you have that, you exude Femininity!!!

Unfortunately social media, photoshopped magazines, edited pictures, plastic surgery, fake, fake, fake shit, all tells us women a different story. But It’s up to us to realize if We are honoring are truest most authentic self.

I’ve had a few messages from women telling me their stories on why they decided to get implants recently after seeing my explant post. Let me just say, I am not here to judge anyone. We are all here on our own journey and as long as you feel that is the right one for you then you should be happy and content. I’m just here to share my journey with you, judgment free. Or at least I hope so.🤞🏼I would love to know, what makes you feel feminine?